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There are Several Paths to a Healthy Lifestyle

We live in a world where people are often searching for the absolute best way to accomplish a task, and many times people don’t stop to consider that there is not necessarily one silver bullet method of doing something that works for everyone. When it comes to weight loss, everyone is different. While many people are able to maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise alone, those things by themselves are not sustainable for everyone. Experts agree that certain people are wired differently when it comes to dietary habits and impulses, and weight loss surgery can be the best or only way for certain obese individuals to lose weight and keep it off. By getting weight loss surgery with a talented surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz, patients can get on the right track toward weight loss success.

Yet, occasionally the path is not as easy for some weight loss patients as it is for other. This can often depend on whether they got a lap band vs. a gastric sleeve. Dr. Feiz is incredibly skilled at performing band to sleeve revision surgery for any patient who is not happy with the amount of weight that they are losing with their current Lap Band implant. Others decide to switch to sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band simply because they no longer want to have a foreign instrument implanted in their body. With Lap Band patients, there is a small chance that the band will slip and have to be readjusted, but with the gastric sleeve procedure this is not an issue.

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