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There’s Nothing Jolly about Obesity

There’s Nothing Jolly about Obesity

Renowned bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has helped many severely overweight individuals with such procedures as lap band revision surgery, and he has noticed some highly incorrect cultural ideas about people with weight problems. Sociologists often note the unfairly negative portrayal of very overweight people in the media. While that is wrong, there is an equally misleading counter stereotype that runs deep in humanity’s collective mythology: the jolly fat person. From Santa Claus to the portrayal of Buddha (the real Gautama Buddha was likely not particularly overweight) to Robin Hood’s pal, Friar Tuck, we’ve somehow come to associate being overweight with relentless cheer.

While many overweight people might be cheerful and generally happy, many are not – and all would probably agree that they’d happier without their weight problems. The good news is that severe obesity is more treatable than ever thanks to proven advances in bariatric medicine that make it vastly easier for individuals to permanently change their eating habits.

Of course, there are no magic wands in real life and prospective patients have many factors to consider, such as the relative benefits of lap band vs. sleeve procedures, bariatric surgery remains by far the most well documented and powerful means of enabling long-term, significant weight loss. Dr. Feiz is expert at all of the most common procedures and has helped countless individuals to become both healthier and happier through a permanent weight loss solution.

Whether you are considering a first-time procedure, or require revision treatment, such as a lap band to sleeve conversion, a free seminar at the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates may well be your first step on the road to life to a jollier future.

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