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Think About Lap Band Revision Surgery and Gastric Sleeve

Bariatric surgery offers a highly effective set of tools for long term weight loss, but it doesn’t always succeed on the first effort. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Dr. Feiz and Associates has corrected complications caused by procedures performed elsewhere as well as revised Lap Bands and other procedures that simply failed to produce the needed results.

Dr. Feiz’s track record with Lap Band revision surgery is truly outstanding. Patients who were dealing with sometimes painful or otherwise difficult complications have moved on to successful and far more comfortable weight loss. Others, who were feeling frustrated and depressed because they were not losing the weight they needed to, have been delighted with their new results.

We understand that it may be tempting for many to consider giving up on a band procedure that is producing negative results or not results at all. However, be aware that if the original procedure is simply reversed, you may very likely see significant weight gain. Dr. Feiz and Associates address the issues that may sometimes arise following an operation, but we also provide assistance in terms of getting you back on the track to a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Feiz believes that, in most cases, simply taking out the band is doing the patient a disservice. In many cases, he will advise the patient to have a Lap Band to sleeve gastrectomy surgery, and the results are typically quite excellent.

If you are dealing with a disappointing weight loss procedure, your next step should be to look into what Dr. Feiz can for you. If you are new bariatric surgery and are curious about Lap Band vs. sleeve benefits a free seminar at our offices might be your best bet.

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