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Thousand Oaks Weight Loss Solutions Await You at the Offices of Dr. Feiz

As the premier provider of gastric sleeve and lap band surgery in Los Angeles, Bariatric Surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S, not only helps patients lose weight, he restores their hope in themselves. Although Dr. Feiz’ main practice is set up in Beverly Hills, he also has a weight loss center in Thousand Oaks, and all throughout Southern California, from Bakersfield to Huntington Beach. Dr. Feiz has made it his goal to help patients reach their weight loss goals with his assistance and that of his team of healthcare professionals working together to change the patient’s habits and get them on the right track to lasting weight loss success.

Gastric sleeve surgery is one such tool, and it involves the surgical removal of approximately 85 percent of the stomach, during which the remaining portion is stapled off and fashioned into the shape of a small banana, or sleeve, hence the name of the procedure. It effectively helps patients lose weight in that they no longer have cravings or hunger pangs that plague them throughout the day and night. Instead, they are able to focus on more important things and get physically active so they can lose even more weight. Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, has proven to be highly successful for Dr. Feiz’ weight loss surgery in Thousand Oaks patients, and he recommends it to numerous individuals who have found great difficulty in losing weight naturally and are considering a surgical solution.

If you are struggling with excess weight and you are looking into bariatric surgery in Thousand Oaks, look no further than Dr. Feiz and Associates weight loss surgery center. Dr. Feiz will help you get on track and change your life outlook, so call us today for a FREE, no-obligation consultation!

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