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Transformations of The Body and Mind

Few today would doubt the idea that there is a strong link between the body and the mind. Often times, when there is an issue with one, there is an issue with the other. And when it comes to bodily issues, one of the biggest problems that people face today is severe obesity. Obesity, which is caused by overeating, can make people feel self conscious and sluggish, and can lead to myriad other physical health issues. These issues, of course, lead to a number of physical and psychological issues mental problems and, to make matters worse, it’s far easier said than done to simply stop overeating. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Dr. Feiz and Associates is aware of this link between the body and the mind, and in order to bring people a little bit more peace, happiness, and health in their lives, he offers a weight loss surgery that can help them achieve a far healthier physical shape.

And, when it comes to returning to decent physical shape, a big question that must be answered is whether to go with a Lap Band operation or a sleeve gastrectomy. This is the Lap Band vs. sleeve question that many patients have to think about. Luckily, Dr. Feiz is extremely thoughtful and experienced in explaining the pros and cons of each procedure, and he can help guide his patients so they make the right choice for the individual needs. For those who want a band to sleeve conversion surgery, Dr. Feiz also has them covered, and stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of delivering results. A Lap Band revision surgery is an option for those who have had a Lap Band surgery, but feel that some part of their procedure’s results need to be tweaked, and the results are typically outstanding.

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