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Trust Dr. Feiz for Truly Effective Lap Band Revision Surgery

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, you’ll find the incredible weight loss solutions from a team that is committed to your health. Led by Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., our team consists of the ideal surgical team, and we perform procedures that include Lap Band, sleeve gastrectomy and even revision treatments like band to sleeve.

While many people question the quality of Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, the truth is that both procedures are effective, choosing the right treatment depends only on one’s own specific health issues. Yet, when a person undergoes a failed Lap Band surgery, Dr. Feiz can perform a Lap Band revision surgery to help get them back on the right track.

Dr. Feiz understands that some people lack the metabolism necessary to take advantage of Lap Band surgery. When performed under a lesser surgeon, a Lap Band treatment might also lead to unintended and harmful symptoms. By allowing Dr. Feiz to perform a revision treatment, you can still achieve your weight loss goals, and experience a significant boost to your health and overall quality of life.

Because weight loss issues can be a sensitive topic for many patients, Dr. Feiz is always empathetic, and willing to answer many questions about the procedure. The acclaimed weight loss pioneer will also remain on hand throughout the recovery period, so you’ll always have a warm, skilled ally on your side throughout your weight loss journey. Whether you’re undergoing treatment for the first time, or a revision surgery, you can always count on Dr. Feiz.

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