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Vertical Sleeve Surgery is One of the Incredible Options from Dr. Feiz

Patients from Southern California and around the globe have come to trust Michael Feiz, MD., FACS for his one-of-a-kind skill in performing a number of bariatric procedures. For many patients, FDA compliant Lap Band surgery from Dr. Feiz is the ideal option, though for patients suffering from severe obesity, vertical sleeve surgery is often the best choice.

Sometimes known as VSG, the vertical sleeve gastrectomy involves surgically reducing the size of the stomach to a shape that is often compared to a sleeve and roughly the size of a banana. Not only does the procedure dramatically reduce the size of the stomach, but it also removes the fundus – a part of the stomach containing the hunger-inducing hormone ghrelin. That’s why, when patients undergo this state-of-the-art procedure under the care of Dr. Feiz, they often experience incredible, safe and rapid weight loss while still remaining energized and content.

As an active member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgeons as well as the American College of Surgeons, Dr. Feiz is renowned for his skill, yet his experience has also helped him to develop a warm and comforting bedside demeanor. Dr. Feiz works to ensure every patient is comfortable during each step of their procedure. In many cases, he will show bariatric surgery before and after photos of past patients, which illustrates how effective the surgery can be – largely alleviating anxiety.

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