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VSG” is an acronym for vertical sleeve gastrectomy, one of the more advanced, less invasive new procedures being championed by Dr. Michael Feiz. Sleeve gastrectomy involves surgically reducing the size of the stomach to a shape that is often compared to a sleeve and is roughly the size of a banana. This obviously reduces the patient’s ability to eat overly large portions and results in unusually rapid and permanent weight loss.

As practiced by Dr. Feiz, this is a highly effective and safe surgery that often produces remarkable effects. Dr. Feiz is a leader in the field of laparoscopic surgery and leading edge weight loss surgery options. He is renowned for his surgical skills, his ability to keep scarring to an absolute minimum, and for his caring and compassionate approach to the sensitive issues brought up by the surgery.

Every patient is different and the good news is that there are now more choices than ever in bariatric surgery. For many patients, VSG is very often the best choice, but not always. That is where having a physician as knowledgeable and thoughtful as Dr. Faiz can be absolutely invaluable.

The gastric sleeve has many benefits for very many patients, but it is not for everyone. Such procedures as lap bands are often an equally good choice. Only an experienced physician and expert in less invasive weight loss procedures such as Dr. Feiz, whose practice boasts a zero mortality rate, can provide you with the educated guidance you will need to make the best decision for your personal health.

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