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Ways Bariatric Surgery Can Improve Your Health

If you’ve been suffering from obesity-related health issues, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, joint pain, sleep apnea, or depression, now is the time to finally take action. Before your health issues get to the point of serious problems like heart attack or stroke, you need to shed the pounds until you’re a healthy weight for your height, age, and medical history. Diet and exercise are traditional methods of weight loss that have seen results, but for many people it’s simply too difficult. Whether it’s genetic issues or hormonal problem, many people have failed to lose weight in the obvious ways. That’s where Dr. Michael Feiz and Associates can help.

Dr. Feiz is an expert in bariatric surgery. Common weight loss procedures include lap band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve surgery. If you’ve had the lap band procedure, which shapes your stomach to resemble an hourglass, but have had serious gastric issues as a result, Dr. Feiz and Associates perform lap band revision surgery as well. These procedures have a history of making patients feel full after eating faster than ever before. If you’re a chronic over-eater, this surgery can be a life-saver.

Dr. Feiz and Associates have locations all throughout Southern California, including Beverly Hills, Valencia, Huntington Beach, and more. Our incredible team of health care professionals have decades of cumulative experience helping patients like yourself achieve their weight loss goals and reduce the health issues that are associated with obesity. Call us today to set up a free consultation and to discuss lap band vs. sleeve.

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