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Weight Loss Carson

As a premier bariatric surgeon in Southern California, Dr. Feiz provides his patients with life-changing weight loss surgeries that are both safe and extremely effective. Patients looking for weight loss in Carson come to Dr. Feiz because of the sincere care he takes in each patient’s treatment, whether it’s the Lap Band procedure or gallbladder surgery.

The Lap Band is the most popular surgical method for weight loss in Carson because it makes no permanent changes to the organs, is reversible, adjustable, and leaves virtually no scarring. The virtues of the Lap Band procedure are advertised widely in print, on TV, and on the radio, which has allowed it to become easily accessible to those who need it to lead more healthy lifestyles. Dr. Feiz and his staff are distinguished among other weight loss centers because of the all-encompassing approach taken towards each patient’s treatment, which includes a thorough pre-operation evaluation, post-op motivational guidance, emotional counseling, physical therapy, consultations with the resident nutritionist and more.

By being sincerely invested in the weight loss success of his patients, Dr. Feiz has become the go-to surgeon for weight loss in Carson. Please call and schedule a consultation to find out if weight loss surgery is right for you.

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