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Weight Loss Encino

While dieting and exercise can lead to results in moderately heavy individuals, it is much more difficult for those who are morbidly overweight or obese to lose weight by those means. In cases where normal dieting and exercising are beyond the capabilities of the individual, surgery for weight loss in Encino is both a viable and necessary means of losing excess weight to achieve a better state of health and livelihood.

For weight loss in Encino Dr. Feiz does a thorough evaluation to determine whether the patient is a good candidate for bariatric surgery, after which he determines which procedure is most beneficial to the patient. The weight loss surgeries Dr. Feiz performs include the Lap Band/Realize Band, lap-gastric bypass and the lap-sleeve gastrectomy, all of which achieve weight loss for the patient at a different pace. Although the Lap Band is the most popular option, as it is adjustable and results in minimal scarring, not everyone can undergo this procedure. In these cases, the patient will undergo the gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.

Dr. Feiz ensures that his patients are fully informed as to the risks of surgery, as well as how the surgery is carried out and what to expect post-op. The extensive experience in performing weight loss surgeries coupled with the individualized care he gives each patient has made Dr. Feiz a premier surgeon for weight loss in Encino.

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