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Weight Loss Huntington Beach

There are millions of people who join various weight loss programs every year, yet most end up giving up on these programs due to short lived results or slow progress towards goals.  It is through weight loss surgery that people are able to lose their excess weight and lose it permanently, in a safe and effective manner.  One of the procedures for weight loss in Huntington Beach with Dr. Feiz is the revolutionary Lap Band procedure. Dr. Feiz also performs the gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy laparoscopically on eligible patients.

When many people think of surgery for weight loss in Huntington Beach they automatically think of the gastric bypass. The gastric bypass, as well as the sleeve gastrectomy, work on the same principle, which is to make the stomach pouch smaller so that there is a feeling of fullness after eating just a small portion of food. Both these procedures are irreversible. By being minimally invasive, non-permanent and adjustable, the Lap Band procedure has swiftly become the most popular and sought after option for weight loss in Huntington Beach.

Dr. Feiz’s Clinic specializes in all the aforementioned procedures for weight loss in Huntington Beach.  Prior to treatment or surgery, a thorough evaluation is done in order to determine eligibility for weight loss surgery, as well as the pros and cons of the different procedures. Please call today to schedule your in depth consultation with Dr. Feiz.

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