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Weight Loss Options When Diet and Exercise Fail

Losing weight can sometimes seem like the hardest task in the world. Even if you put your mind to the goal of becoming the slimmer version of yourself, it can still be daunting. You may change your entire lifestyle to include a strict diet and exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll see ideal results. Diet and exercise may work to a point, but overall lifestyle and genetics can play a huge role in whether or not you see the best results. If you’ve found that diet and exercise have not helped you reach your weight loss goals, Dr. Michael Feiz, a world-class bariatric surgeon can lend a hand.

Weight loss surgery is a great option for those who haven’t reached their goal weight with diet and exercise. Procedures like Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and Lap Band revision surgery have shown great results for people who have had difficulty losing weight in the past. Dr. Feiz and his team have dedicated their careers to helping people from all walks of life become healthier. Whether you want Lap Band vs. sleeve surgery, Dr. Feiz can assist you.

If you’re interested in Lap Band, gastric sleeve, or band to sleeve surgery, don’t hesitate to call the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates. Even if traditional weight loss methods have failed in the past, there’s still hope for the future. At a free consultation, a compassionate and skilled health care professional can address your concerns and answer any of your questions so you feel comfortable about your decision.

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