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Weight Loss Solutions from Dr. Feiz for Complicated Problems

Michael Feiz, MD, FACS is a bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles who has helped countless patients find weight loss success. These patients come from all walks of life and incredibly diverse backgrounds, but one thing unites them: they all lived lives negatively affected by obesity and obesity-related comorbidities. Dr. Feiz’ duty to these patients is to provide the best possible surgery, whether lap band vs. gastric sleeve, and then invaluable aftercare.

There are many reasons why Dr. Feiz is a particularly effective bariatric surgeon. One edge that Dr. Feiz has in particular, however, is his world-class credentials. With experience out of some of the finest hospitals in the region, including Garden Grove Medical Center and Cidars Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Feiz has truly become an expert in both bariatric and minimally invasive surgeries. His practice has a zero percent mortality rate, perhaps because he stays up-to-date in the industry by being an active member of the American Society for Bariatric Surgeons.

These qualifications mean that Dr. Feiz is also an incredibly capable practitioner of even the most difficult operations, including the band to sleeve revision. The revision procedure happens after an ineffective lap band operation and entails removing the band while converting the stomach into the gastric sleeve. It’s more nuanced than that, however. The procedure involves a fair amount of scar tissue and other changes that might have occurred from the lap band. Regardless, Dr. Feiz has performed many successful sleeve gastrectomy after lap band procedures, helping his patients finally experience the incredible tool that weight loss surgery can provide.

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