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Weight Loss Success with Surgery

If you suffer from severe obesity, you know you need to lose weight because of long-term health complications. You want to feel better and get healthier, but you have struggled with this for years. Perhaps you have considered weight loss surgery, but are scared of the potential side-effects. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to help patients just like you. He works with each patient as an individual to help them make the best decision, such as Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, and works closely with his patients to ensure they see quick recovery and weight loss success after their procedure.

One of Dr. Feiz’s specialties is Lap Band revision surgery. This is a type of bariatric surgery, in which an underperforming Lap Band device is removed and then gastric sleeve surgery is performed to permanently reduce the size of the stomach. There are many reasons a patient might choose this revision surgery, but one of the most common that Dr. Feiz sees is that some rare patients do not experience the weight loss they need with the Lap Band. This may often be caused by the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. This hormone is produced by the stomach to signal the brain that they need to eat. In patients with the Lap Band, who will feel physically full, it can be distressing to nevertheless feel unsatisfied by a meal. By removing part of the stomach through gastric sleeve surgery, the ghrelin producing part is also removed, making small meals both physically and emotionally satisfying.

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