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Weight Loss Surgeries Can Brighten Your Outlook

Living with depression can be one of the most difficult challenges for a person to face. Depression makes everything harder to accomplish. It decreases comfort, it decreases self-confidence, and it decreases the drive to be productive and get out into the world. And, unfortunately, depression can be worsened by severe obesity. While depression is, in itself, a serious health condition that must be addressed, taking steps to improve an individual’s overall health can sometimes make a major difference. These include weight loss operations available from the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates. They are one of the most experienced weight loss surgical teams in Southern California, and can help patients to decide on everything from the Lap Band vs. sleeve decision, to what course is best to take after receiving a lackluster band surgery.

And when it comes to a band to sleeve operation, it’s nearly impossible to beat Dr. Feiz as the choice for surgeon. He did his fellowship work at Cedars Sinai, and is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish, and Farsi)! These are just a couple of the examples that display Dr. Feiz’s intense dedication not only to the field of medicine, but also to making sure he can communicate properly with his clients. And, for those who need more specialized weight loss options, like Lap Band revision surgery, Dr. Feiz can help patients to understand the difference between the two different procedures. He knows all of these details are important because if a patient makes the right decision when it comes to their weight loss solution, Dr. Feiz knows that he or she can decrease their levels of depression and brighten their outlook.

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