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Weight Loss Surgery Center

The most advanced weight loss surgery center is Dr. Feiz & Associates in Los Angeles. This weight loss surgery center is the brainchild of Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, an accomplished surgeon who completed his residency in surgery at the internationally renowned Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center. Dr. Feiz & Associates brings to bear an unprecedented level of experience and expertise, and their sterling track record has earned them the respect and gratitude of countless satisfied patients.

A modern weight loss surgery center – like the center administered by Dr. Feiz and his team of specialists and surgeons – offers a diverse array of weight loss options. Many places only offer, and even push, one procedure like liposuction. Dr. Feiz & Associates is committed to offering its patients many choices. You are encouraged to contact the office directly and learn more about what is best for you. Some patients who come to Dr. Feiz’s weight loss surgery center are interested in procedures like gastric bypass. Others may prefer something less invasive and permanent, such as the increasingly popular Lap Band. The Lap Band – an adjustable and removable band that constricts the stomach to reduce food intake, all without requiring incisions to the intestines or other major organs – has truly revolutionized weight loss.

Dr. Feiz & Associates have garnered numerous accolades for the cutting edge work they perform at their weight loss surgery center. And yet at the same time, they strongly believe that successful weight loss should not be an option only for the wealthy. At this weight loss surgery center, you will find financing plans that allow for everyone to pursue their dreams of weight loss.

Fighting weight loss on your own can be a really difficult challenge, which is why you should consider finding a reputable weight loss surgery center. Professionals at Dr. Feiz & Associates bring to bear an impressive amount of experience and expertise in bariatric surgery, and this weight loss surgery center is equipped with the most cutting edge instruments. The combination of skilled practitioners and advanced technology found here at Dr. Feiz & Associates has earned us the admiration of our peers in the weight loss field and the gratitude of countless satisfied patients.

Our world renowned weight loss surgery center has granted a new lease on life to so many patients who suffered for too long with morbid obesity. The team of highly trained surgeons here offers a wide range of weight loss options, including the Lap Band, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy. People interested in learning more should either attend a free seminar or contact us for a free consultation, because while all the methods here are both extremely sophisticated and safe, not every procedure is best suited for everyone. You can work with our specialists to determine the most prudent course for you.

The more that people hear about our weight loss surgery center, the more excited they get about the prospect of finally turning their lives around. We pride ourselves on our commitment to giving each and every patient a new lease on life.

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