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Weight Loss Surgery is the Best Option to Fight Severe Obesity

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we’re completely committed to providing options that work for patients suffering with severe obesity. Despite certain beliefs to the contrary, severe obesity is a medical issue and not a cosmetic one, and it demands attention to prevent serious health consequences. Those consequences include heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer to name a few. The only way to improve conditions and prevent major issues such as these is for a severely obese individual to lose the necessary weight to approach normal levels. Unfortunately, this is highly difficult and next to impossible through traditional means such as diet and exercise. As an excellent alternative, the weight loss procedures, such as our Lap Band revision surgery that we perform at Dr. Feiz and Associates provide consistently positive results.

Dr. Michael Feiz is a highly trained and experienced surgeon who has the tools and the resources and talent to help any patient obtain the results they need for a healthier and happier lifestyle. Patients who may be unfamiliar with weight loss surgery and who may not know the difference between a Lap Band vs. a sleeve procedure can start to find the answers they are seeking at our office.

Unlike other methods, these procedures are proven to provide long term success in most cases. If you’re ready to find out if one of our procedures are right for you, including a band to sleeve surgery, our team is standing by to provide the outstanding, world class care you deserve. Expect nothing less.

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