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Weight Loss Surgery is the Only Solution for Many

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.P. is the doctor for a gastric sleeve, bypass, or lap band surgery Los Angeles patients trust, and he has performed countless operations that have transformed the lives of countless individuals. Renowned for his skill using the latest laparoscopic techniques, he is also known for his sensitivity and insight into the predicament his patients find themselves in.

In particular, he understands just what makes significant, long-term weight loss through low calorie diet and exercise so difficult for so many people. The fact of the matter is that overeating may be a self-soothing behavior that is something like an addiction, but it is even harder to battle than addictions to other substances. For one thing, while it’s possible to stop smoking or drinking alcohol entirely, you cannot stop eating completely. Moreover, the body is sending signals to the brain that are nearly impossible to fight because, even if the patient has consumed sufficient food, these signals create feelings that are nearly impossible to distinguish from genuine hunger. The result is a feeling of constant stress and struggle that tends to wear most patients down over time. The good news is that bariatric procedures can break the Gordian knot of weight loss.

Each type of bariatric surgery can be extremely effective because they all tend to reduce the appetite as well as making it harder to overeat. At the same time, each surgery has its own pluses and minuses. Gastric sleeve surgery is an excellent choice for many. This is because, included in the large portions of the stomach removed in the operation, is an area known as the fundus. The fundus appears to be responsible for the production of the hormone known as ghrelin, which is believed to send hunger signals to the brain and which may be more prevalent in overweight people. That means that a sleeve gastrectomy may get to the root of obesity for many.

If you have been trying without success to control your weight through diet and exercise, it may be that it’s time consider dealing with the constant cravings for food that so many find impossible to ignore. Consider learning about your weight loss surgery options with Dr. Feiz.

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