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Weight Loss Surgery Los Angeles

The question at hand is what the best option is for weight loss surgery in Los Angeles. You’ve tried a number of weight loss methods, but your situation has become serious if you’re considering surgery. If you’ve found yourself making these considerations, you should consult Dr. Feiz and Associates. We offer gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy, along with the Lap Band.

Many people considering weight loss surgery in Los Angeles turn to gastric bypass or sleeve gastectomy, since they are well-known, established methods for achieving successful weight loss. Dividing the stomach into a smaller “pouch” and a lower “remnant” pouch causes the patient to experience satiety more quickly. Achieving weight loss by refraining from overeating becomes simple because the patient won’t want to eat so much. Procedures like these are major, life-changing options for people whose health is in danger due to obesity. Sleeve gastrectomy is another effective procedure, often used when the patient shouldn’t be given gastric bypass.

There are other options for patients seeking weight loss surgery in Los Angeles. The Lap Band is a somewhat less invasive medical procedure in which a constrictive band is placed around the stomach. There is less of a hospital stay for the Lap Band, and a quicker period of recovery. A FREE consultation with Dr. Feiz & Associates can help you figure out if this is the best way to treat your condition.

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