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Weight Loss Surgery Strategies

Dr. Feiz and Associates knows that people who are interested in weight loss surgery are often somewhat befuddled regarding the various types of surgeries that are now available. Gastric bypasses are still the best known type of bariatric procedure, but most people who are getting their first surgery are usually weighing the pros and cons of lap band vs gastric sleeve operations. These less invasive procedures have been become extremely popular in recent years and, as performed by an outstanding board certified surgeon like Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., they have produced outstanding results for countless people.

Many of Dr. Feiz’s patients are interested in a lap band because it is the least invasive type of weight loss procedure. They work by essentially tying off a portion of the stomach, reducing the capacity of the stomach along with the appetite. Many others are interested in obtaining the procedure called the gastric sleeve, which many prefer because of its extremely high rate of success. It removes a large portion of the stomach, including a section which has been linked with ghrelin, a hormone that may be responsible for excessive feelings of appetite.

Fortunately, not all weight loss options are mutually exclusive. Patients whose lap band surgery failed to produce the needed results have often turned to Dr. Feiz to convert band to sleeve operations, with consistently outstanding results.

Never before have so many options been available for severely obese people who are interested in reclaiming their health and happiness through a weight loss operation. If you are seriously interested in exploring your options, now is the time to contact the offices of Dr. Feiz.

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