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Weight Loss Surgery: Understanding Your Options

More people today are considering surgery as a means of combating severe obesity, and expert bariatric physicians like Dr. Feiz are here to help meet the increasing demand. This trend is a positive one because weight loss surgery has been proven as the only truly effective method of fighting severe obesity with long term results. It’s important that patients understand their options, and receive all the information they need, including understanding the difference between a Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we help guide our patients toward treatment plans that are right for them.

Both a Lap Band operation and Sleeve Gastrectomy are performed with similar end goals in mind. They reduce the usable area of the stomach which ultimately spurs weight loss by resulting in the consumption of less food by patients. Though the end result is similar, they’re achieved through different means. During a sleeve gastrectomy, Dr. Feiz removes 75-85% of the stomach then reshapes the remaining portion into a sleeve-like structure. This is a permanent procedure.

On the other hand, a Lap Band operation is achieved by attaching a band to the stomach which is removable. Occasionally, patients may undergo discomfort, or fail to experience effective weight loss because these bands may need to be adjusted. To help patients achieve the results they need, Dr. Feiz routinely performs Lap Band revision surgery to get those who need extra care back on track. Dr. Feiz also performs band to sleeve operations for patients who experience disappointing results from Lap Bands. No matter what procedure patients choose, at Dr. Feiz and Associates, they’ll always be in the right hands.

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