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Weight Loss Valencia

Weight loss in Valencia surgical procedures with Dr. Feiz can be performed on patients who have a BMI of 35 or above. There are many surgical options available, such as the Lap band, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy, all of which can be performed laparoscopically, and therefore, in a minimally invasive manner.

weight loss surgery before and after

Weight Loss Doctor in Valencia

All patients undergo a thorough evaluation during their first visit in order to determine whether they are a good candidate for weight loss in Valencia. During the consultation, the risks and benefits of the different weight loss procedures are discussed, as well as an evaluation with regards to the patient’s weight, eating habits, lifestyle, and more.

Weight loss in Valencia with Dr. Feiz allows patients to begin their safe journey towards a healthier body weight and a more productive lifestyle. Dr. Feiz involves all patients in a comprehensive program which includes postoperative care, motivational guidance, and counseling. The sincere care and extensive experience Dr. Feiz provides for his patients ensures consistently successful procedures for weight loss in Valencia

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