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What Are the Differences between Lap Band versus Sleeve?

If you’ve wondered what are the differences between lap band vs. sleeve vs. gastric bypass are, you’re not alone in thinking maybe they’re all the same, or wondering if any one of them would be best for you. There’s even one more surgery that gets less attention than lap band or sleeve, and that’s the band to sleeve revision surgery. This surgery is meant for the patients who have had a previous LAP BAND procedure and have failed to lose weight, for whatever reason. Some patients have been unable to make a lasting lifestyle change in regards to their eating and exercise habits, requiring lap band revision surgery, while others find that they have unpleasant side effects from their lap band. These may be the fault of the previous bariatric surgeon.

Dr. Michael Feiz, a Rancho Cucamonga weight loss surgeon, routinely performs secondary bariatric procedures such as lap band revision, or even other secondary procedures. These include procedures including the “band over bypass” surgery – a procedure where lap band surgery is done after gastric bypass. Dr. Feiz champions band to sleeve surgery for patients who are eligible, because it’s the best way to change the patient’s digestive system, although they can still eat whatever they like, because the intestines are not manipulated. Patients can change their lifestyle more easily with the sleeve, and with Dr. Feiz’ counseling, it becomes even more achievable.

Don’t let your weight get you down for another day. If you’ve reached the end of your rope with your weight loss journey, simply call the Bakersfield weight loss surgeon who cares: Dr. Michael Feiz.

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