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What is Band to Sleeve Surgery, and Who is Eligible?

The best candidates for revision bariatric surgery in Bakersfield are those who fully understand what the process of losing weight entails. Those eligible for band to sleeve with Valencia bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz often have to choose if they’re finally ready to make the lifestyle change that they couldn’t make before. The most common reason for having lap band revision surgery is to help a patient who had previous difficulty adjusting to a healthier lifestyle after their bariatric procedure. It takes more than just a bariatric procedure to be successful at losing weight, no matter where you finally decide on either lap band vs. sleeve.

Having secondary weight loss surgery doesn’t mean you’ll have a much easier time losing weight than you did the first time around, which is why Dr. Feiz will diligently coach you on how to get healthy. He knows that obesity is a disease which is incredibly difficult to manage, not to mention treat, successfully. Dr. Feiz, however, has a very high success rate with his patients, and it’s not only due to the fact that he’s a highly skilled bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles. It’s the fact that Dr. Feiz is a very compassionate counselor, who can help guide his patients through what is often an emotional, physical and mental damper: living life obese. Dr. Feiz understands that even if you are having your second bariatric procedure, it doesn’t reflect on your personality in a negative way.

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