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What is Ghrelin

What is Ghrelin? Let’s take a look at what is ghrelin. Essentially, ghrelin is a naturally occurring hormone found in a part of the stomach known as the fundus. Ghrelin stimulates the sensation of hunger, as opposed to the hormone leptin, which produces the feeling of satiation. When a patient undergoes a weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve surgery, or sleeve gastrectomy, the fundus is removed, dramatically reducing the amount of the hormone Ghrelin in the body. As a result, the patient experiences satiation much faster than before, a significant benefit when trying to keep off those pounds.

So…what is ghrelin really? Well, it’s a hormone that, among other things, is standing in the way of your potential weight loss. Dr. Michael Feiz, lead physician at the reputable Dr. Feiz & Associates, has performed countless gastric sleeve surgeries, and he can attest to the fact that this procedure helps combat obesity by not only reducing stomach capacity (Dr. Feiz removes between 75%-85% of the patient’s stomach), but also by reducing the levels of the Ghrelin Hormone.

For this reason, and several others, gastric sleeve surgery has become an increasingly popular option for people dealing with obesity. Basically, after removing a large portion of the stomach, Dr.Feiz will re-shape the remaining portion into a sleeve-like structure, which better regulates the flow of food particles into the intestines. This procedure has been shown to also help with certain co-morbidities like Type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

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