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What is the Difference between Lap Band and Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a newer bariatric procedure that has been gaining significant ground in the recent years. The reason patients may opt for gastric sleeve surgery at Dr. Feiz & Associates is because along with the removal of approximately 85% of the stomach, patients feel minimal hunger after recovery. The reason for this is because the large segment of the stomach that is removed includes a part called the fundus, which produces a hormone called ghrelin that initiates the feeling of hunger. In the typical individual who has not had bariatric surgery, ghrelin level rise when they are hungry, and goes down once hunger is satisfied. After gastric sleeve surgery, this hormone is all but eliminated.

Patients who opt for Lap Band surgery at Dr. Feiz & Associates do so because it is the least invasive of all bariatric procedures, and by far the least prone to post-operative complications. The only change made to the digestive system is the implantation of an adjustable, removable silicone device called the Lap Band. This band is fastened around the uppermost part of the stomach and can be inflated to the proper tightness. By tightening around the stomach, a small pouch is formed, and when filled with food, the patient feels hungry. The site of the band, called the “stoma,” allows food to slowly pass on to the rest of the stomach and onward in the digestive system, and because digestion is a very slow process, patients feel full longer after eating very small portions.

If you have more questions about lap band vs. gastric sleeve or any other bariatric procedure, please contact Dr. Feiz & Associates and we will be glad to address any of your questions or concerns!

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