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What is the Lap Band to Sleeve Surgery?

Not every weight loss surgery is right for every type of person. There are a lot of factors that go into choose the right procedure for each individual person, including medical history, genetics, lifestyle, and more. When you have the help of a qualified surgeon like the world-renowned Dr. Michael Feiz, you can make an informed decision between Lap Band vs. sleeve surgical procedures.

Lap Band is probably the best known procedure, which features a band placed around the stomach to create an hourglass shape that makes you feel full quicker. The gastric sleeve surgery consists of removing part of the stomach to create a sleeve-like shape so that there’s less room for food. Both of these weight loss surgeries have proven to be very effective, but sometimes the band to sleeve procedure is necessary.

The Lap Band revision surgery is a specialty of Dr. Feiz and Associates. The surgery involves removing the Lap Band and performing the gastric sleeve procedure. If the Lap Band hasn’t proven successful, people often opt for the revision surgery. However, sometimes the revision is medically necessary in the rare cases where the band shifts or erodes in the stomach. In these cases it can be dangerous to leave the band without emergency surgery.

If you want to learn more about any of these procedures or to discuss your own weight loss surgery options, contact the offices of Dr. Feiz today. By setting up a free consultation, you can take the first step to successful weight loss.

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