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When Diet and Exercise Fail, Weight Loss Surgery Succeeds

It’s common for people to begin their weight loss journey with diet and exercise. While these are the best and only methods of weight loss, they don’t always result in the weight loss you need to be healthy without a little help. For some people, their obesity hinders the amount of exercise they can do because of joint pain and mobility issues. Moreover, drastically reducing the number of calories you’re going to eat is difficult for everyone and more difficult for severely obese people due to hormonal and other issues.

Even for the most committed dieters, your weight loss can plateau far too early, leaving you at a still unhealthy weight. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, then weight loss surgery might be your last and best option. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is committed to helping people reach their healthy weight loss goals.

There are a couple of different amazing weight loss surgery options performed at Dr. Feiz and Associates. Lap band surgery is extremely common and involves putting a band around the stomach to make you full faster. Gastric sleeve is another option, but one that actually removes part of the stomach. Some people need lap band revision surgery because of less than stellar weight loss results or emergency gastric issues. The lap band vs. sleeve decision should be made between with a trustworthy surgeon’s advice.

It’s important to feel comfortable with all the information about weight loss surgery before going into the process. The amazing team at Dr. Feiz and Associates is more than happy to answer all of your questions and make you feel as relaxed as possible. Contact us today to get started with lap band, gastric sleeve, or band to sleeve surgery.

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