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Which is Right for me, Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve?

Which is Right for me, Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve?

Lap band vs. gastric sleeve: a question many of Michael Feiz’ patients ask themselves before committing to bariatric surgery. This is especially true if it’s a person’s second “go” at bariatric surgery. Some patients may have thought they made the right choice initially, but rethought that decision once they failed to lose sufficient weight from their first procedure. Band to sleeve revision can help you turn your life around, however, which involves the removal of your adjustable gastric band and replacing it or removing it entirely and performing gastric sleeve surgery. Many of Dr. Feiz’ patients elect for gastric sleeve surgery because of the benefits of the procedure.

Sleeve gastrectomy after lap band can help patients finally get control of their rampant hunger pangs/or cravings. It works by not only greatly reducing the capacity of the stomach, but also by virtually eliminating the production of the ghrelin hormone which is made in a portion of the stomach which is removed during surgery. Because patients produce less ghrelin – also called the “hunger hormone” – they feel control over their portion sizes and don’t need to snack round the clock to remain satiated. And with the help of a world-class surgeon such as Dr. Feiz as their coach in changing their lifestyle habits, patients can learn about eating to live rather than living to eat.

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