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Why Weight Loss Procedures Are Necessary

Losing weight is no easy task. You can eat as healthy as possible, changing your diet to include fruits, greens, proteins, and the other foods that help induce weight loss. You can add exercise to your daily routine by walking more often, lifting weights, and hitting the gym. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to lose the amount you need to lead a healthier life. Being overweight can be a burden on your life, stopping you from everyday activities and lowering your self-esteem. Dr. Feiz and associates know that sometimes you might need a little extra help to get to a healthy weight.

Weight loss procedures have proven results in combatting obesity in patients who have had difficulty losing weight through traditional means. Surgeries such as the lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and band to sleeve are the specialties of Dr. Feiz and his incredible team. These surgeries can help you control your hunger, reduce the size of your stomach, and put you on track to a new life of healthy eating. Even if you’ve previously had dissatisfying results with the Lap Band, Dr. Feiz is famous for his Lap Band revision surgery option.

If you’re in dire need of drastic weight loss but haven’t been able to get results with diet and exercise, weight loss surgery might be the best decision you’ll ever make. Call Dr. Feiz and associates today to set up a free consultation to answer your questions, discuss the benefits of Lap Band vs. sleeve, or to understand your options.

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