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Why Weight Loss Surgery Could Save Your Life

Obesity is putting your life in danger. The health risks connected to being overweight are extremely dangerous, ranging from heart disease to high cholesterol. Obesity can also impact your life in other ways, including sleep apnea, depression, and even fertility issues. Even with a strict diet and daily exercise, it can be tough to lose weight quick enough to halt the hazardous health risks before they permanently impact your life. Dr. Michael Feiz offers options for overweight patients who are looking to improve their health and live a happier life with surgery.

Among the surgical options for weight loss are gastric bypass, lap band, sleeve gastrectomy, and lap band revision surgery. There has been some debate about the benefits of lap band vs. sleeve surgical options, but the decision is ultimately up to the individual patient. Dr. Feiz and his team of associates can help you make an informed decision about the right surgery for your specific needs.

One factor in choosing the right weight loss surgery is the amount of weight you need to lose. Gastric bypass surgery is the preferred choice to many severely overweight candidates because you’re forced to change your eating habits. The lap band is less invasive and can always be transformed with the band to sleeve procedure.

If you’re ready to lead a healthier and happier life, call Dr. Feiz to discover the right weight loss surgery for you. By attending a free consultation you can learn about your options and answer any of your burning questions.

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