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Win the Weight Loss Battle

For many patients who suffer from severe obesity, weight loss surgery is the only answer. These patients should lose weight and keep it off permanently, or they could suffer from chronic illnesses and even die at a young age. Severe obesity can shorten a person’s life span up to 20 years, and comorbid diseases that can seriously reduce that person’s ability to enjoy their life. That’s why Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. founded Dr. Feiz & Associates – he and his team want to help patients who need weight loss surgical procedures, like Lap Band, gastric sleeve, or even band to sleeve revision procedures, become their best selves by losing weight and making lifestyle changes.

Although many patients have great success with the Lap Band, if a surgeon implants the band in just the wrong way, the band might move around, become too tight or too loose, or cause pain. In some rare cases, because everyone’s body is different, the band moves around or does not work as well. Dr. Feiz can fix these procedures, including through a procedure called sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. This procedure removes the Lap Band, then removes part of the stomach through the gastric sleeve procedure so that the stomach is a permanently smaller pocket. This can not only make the patient feel full after eating less, but the stomach no longer produces the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin, so more patients report fewer painful hunger pangs, or cravings for junk food.

Whether you have questions about Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve, or if you need a revision procedure, Dr. Feiz has the skills and training so you can succeed in your weight loss battle.

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