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You Can Be Happy With Your Body and Yourself

Too many obese and severely obese people struggle with their weight their entire lives, which is why Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his talented team at Dr. Feiz and Associates are dedicated to producing outstanding results through bariatric weight loss surgery. Dr. Feiz offers Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and even Lap Band revision surgery to help patients lose weight and discover the happy, healthy person they want to be.

Because no two patients are completely alike, Dr. Feiz will discuss the benefits of Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy with you, so you can make the best decision. Many patients opt for the Lap Band procedure, which is less invasive and can be removed or changed. The Lap Band device is inserted around the stomach to create a smaller useable area. Because the stomach is smaller, the patient will feel full faster after eating less. However, for patients who struggle with hunger pangs or cravings, simply making a smaller stomach might not be enough, because the patient may fight the “hunger hormone” ghrelin. The stomach produces ghrelin to signal the brain that you are still hungry. Although this hormone should stop being produced once you are physically full, that is not always the case for overweight and obese individuals. Gastric sleeve surgery removes the part of the stomach that produces this hormone, and patients report feeling physically and emotionally satisfied after eating, and do not suffer junk food cravings.

Dr. Feiz has years of experience successfully helping patients choose the right bariatric surgery for their body. Whether you choose the Lap Band, gastric sleeve, or even band to sleeve revision surgery, Dr. Feiz and his skilled team want you to reach your goal weight, and feel great in the process.

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