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You Can Win the Battle against Obesity with the Help of Dr. Michael Feiz

Even those who have only 15 pounds to lose know that it takes dedication and hard work to lose weight, and more importantly, to keep it off. Dr. Feiz & Associates is also aware that for patients who have, say, 150 pounds to lose face an even more daunting challenge. The reason why many obese individuals have difficulty losing weight is because of a hormone known as ghrelin, which is the chemical which gives us the feeling of hunger and the desire to eat. When ghrelin levels are high, we experience hunger, and only eating will make the levels decrease. However, the recently developed Gastric Sleeve Surgery can also significantly decrease levels of ghrelin.

During Sleeve Gastrectomy in Los Angeles with Dr. Feiz, a significant segment of the stomach is removed, including the section of the stomach that produces ghrelin. The result is that patients eat smaller portions due to the smaller stomach size, and they feel less hunger because of the decreased ghrelin levels. The result of the significant weight loss is patients often go into complete remission of their obesity-related illnesses, such as Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnea and high blood pressure, among others. Patients choose Dr. Feiz for their bariatric procedures because he not only has the excellent surgical skill to ensure the best results for the patient, but he also has the compassionate bedside manner to get his patients losing weight successfully.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery such as sleeve gastrectomy or the lap band, contact the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates today to set up your FREE consultation! We have offices all throughout Southern California, so you can have your consultation for lap band surgery in Thousands Oaks, Calabasas or other locations!

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