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You Have More Options Than You Think to Lose Weight

The conventional weight loss methods of diet and exercise will often help obese patients lose several pounds, but they are not sustainable long term methods to keep the weight off. Many experts agree that weight loss surgery is one of the best and only ways that obese patients that have struggled with weight their entire life. The two most popular options for obese patients are the Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy procedures. Dr. Michael Feiz is one of the most renowned bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles, and there is no better person to explain to prospective patients the advantages and disadvantages of the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve.

A lot of patients turn to the Lap Band procedure because it is proven to have the lowest rate of complications amongst all bariatric procedures, but others like the sleeve gastrectomy because it helps patients lose weight quicker. It is also important to remember that patients have the option of getting band to sleeve revision surgery with Dr. Feiz. Many patients find that they can lose weight and keep it off more effectively when they decide to switch to the sleeve gastrectomy after lap band surgery. Dr. Feiz has been performing the Lap Band procedure, the sleeve gastrectomy, and the revision surgery for years, and whatever procedure you choose, you can be sure that you are in the very best hands. Not only is Dr. Feiz one of the most skilled surgeons around, but he and his staff provide post-operative support that helps patients lose weight and keep it off.

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