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You Have the Will and Dr. Feiz Has the Means

Weight Loss surgery is a form of highly effective procedures that have been proven to provide patients suffering with severe obesity with a path forward to a more healthy version of themselves with an improved quality of life. These procedures are important because without them, severely obese individuals would be unable to improve. That’s because traditional methods such as diet and exercise are ineffective 99% of the time. Though these methods are productive for people who need to lose a few pounds they are normally not enough to produce results for people who need to lose scores of pounds to reach a healthy weight. Reaching a healthy weight is essential for severely obese individuals because it’s the only way to ward off serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Though some believe that weight loss surgery is an “easy way out,” it’s actually the best way forward for someone suffering from severe obesity. For that reason, we provide our potential patients with tools to help them determine if weight loss surgery is right for them, and we provide the essential information they need to answer their questions including the difference between a Lap Band vs. sleeve procedure. We also offer options to patients who have previously undergone procedures, such as Lap Band revision surgery . If you have the desire to improve your quality of life that you should take the first steps, and we’ll help you get the rest of the way. We’ll continue to work with you during your recovery, and if you should require further assistance, such as a band to sleeve, we’ll make sure you get back on track.

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