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You May Have More Weight Loss Options Than You Think

After several months or years of having a lap band, some patients consider the fact that they have the option of leaving their band in, or having it removed. On one hand, leaving the band in will continue to help patients lost weight. On the other hand, having the band removed frees the patient up from regular visits to have the band adjusted, and from the possibility of complications such as band slippage or erosion. Yet, keeping the band can help many patients lose weight and fend off a variety of obesity related co-morbidities like diabetes and heart disease.

One of the advantages of the lap band vs. sleeve procedures is that it has a lower mortality rate, so people are drawn to the lower risk. Yet, both procedures are performed laparoscopically by Dr. Michael Feiz and have a very low risk. Dr. Feiz has a zero percent mortality rate amongst all bariatric procedures, so whether they are getting a lap band, a sleeve gastrectomy, or a band to sleeve conversion, patients can feel comforted with Dr. Feiz as their surgeon.

In addition, the support staff for Dr. Feiz and Associates is the best at what they do, and provides exceptional post-operative support to any patient who has lap band revision surgery. Whether you need dietary advice, or guidance on what supplements to take to ensure that you are maintaining the proper nutrients while losing weight, there is no better support system than the talented staff at Dr. Feiz and Associates.

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