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Your Lap Band Revision Surgery Experts

If you are severely obese, with a body mass index of 40 or more, or 35 or more with related health problems, you may qualify for weight loss surgery. Perhaps you have already pursued a bariatric procedure like the Lap Band so you can reach a healthy weight, and overcome comorbid diseases. While the Lap Band has worked for many people, it does not work for everyone, and Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., knows how devastating that can be. If you have a band and it has failed, is too tight, or begins to degrade, you can struggle to keep losing weight, experience a weight regain, or even suffer pain. However, Dr. Feiz & Associates can help you. Dr. Feiz is one of the leading weight loss surgeons on the West Coast, and specializes in Lap Band revision surgery.

When you contact Dr. Feiz & Associates to set up your first appointment, Dr. Feiz will help you determine if you qualify for a gastric sleeve after Lap Band. If you do, he will remove your band, and then perform a sleeve gastrectomy, which makes your stomach smaller. This is similar to the Lap Band, because you have a small area for food, and feel full faster. However, it is a permanent change with proven hormonal benefits, which many patients find helps them overcome cravings for food, and helps stops them from feeling excessively hungry. They feel both physically and emotionally satisfied after smaller meals.

You don’t have to wonder about the benefits of gastric sleeve vs. Lap Band. Contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today, to get your questions answered and see if you qualify for a weight loss procedure. 

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