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Your Options for Revision Weight Loss Surgery with Dr. Feiz

Although the LAP-BAND has an excellent track record of success, any surgery is prone to complications. For instance, the Lap Band may slip or erode, or it may result in inadequate weight loss, particularly if the patient received inadequate aftercare, so they effectively know how to lose weight and keep it off. After call, getting the lap band or any other weight loss surgery means the patient must make a lifestyle change in order to effect a lasting difference, rather than just a temporary weight loss, like they probably have experienced before. For patients looking for lap band revision surgery in Bakersfield, Huntington Beach or anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Michael Feiz is the best choice for effective and lasting weight loss.

Some patients may wonder if the choice to have the lap band surgery a second time is the right option. For these patients, they may be good candidates for a different procedure that has a different tack at weight loss, called gastric sleeve. After lap band surgery, this procedure (also known as sleeve gastrectomy), can effectively reduce the size of the stomach permanently, rather than through a medical device. It also drastically reduces hunger and cravings, because of the reduction of the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin, which is produced by a section of the stomach that is removed through the surgery.

The choice of lap band vs. gastric sleeve is one you can make with your doctor’s help, and Dr. Feiz is eager to help his patients make the right choice for their unique circumstances.

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