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Yvette Lap Gastric Bypass Surgery Testimonial

I went to Dr. Feiz in early 2007 to inquire about getting Gastric Bypass surgery and he spent a great-deal of time explaining the entire procedure to me in great detail. I was impressed with his enormous amount of knowledge and his patience and the time he spent to explain it all. As a patient who is nervous about surgeries he definitely put me at ease with the confidence of his abilities.

Once I made my decision to have the surgery Dr. Feiz was diligent in making sure that all the necessary pre-op procedures were completed. He was always there for me when I needed any questions answered and believe me I had a lot. Once the surgery was completed; I had little to no pain and healed very quickly. He gave me some key tips to a speedy recovery. Dr. Feiz is a surgeon above the rest. He has always been there for me. My calls never go unanswered. He is just an amazing surgeon and I am super happy I used him to perform my surgery. His work is impeccable. People cannot believe the lack of scars I have.

Sleeve Surgery

I highly recommend him as a surgeon. Getting this type of surgery is not one to be taken lightly and having a competent and caring surgeon is important. He is all of that and more.

To-date I have reached my goal and have lost 95 pounds and am maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight.

Thank you Dr. Feiz for giving me my life back!

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