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Sleeve Gastrectomy


The sleeve gastrectomy is a form of bariatric surgery that can positively transform the bodies and lives of those who have had great difficulty in losing weight due to genetic disposition or sustained unhealthy eating habits. Candidates for the sleeve gastrectomy procedure typically have a BMI of at least 35 and can’t find relief from diet or exercise. Recipients of sleeve gastrectomy surgery typically experience rapid weight loss in the few months right after surgery, with weight loss continuing years after the procedure, albeit at a slower rate.

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure is characterized by a dramatic decrease in stomach size, brought on by the surgeon cutting and detaching a significant portion of the patient’s lower stomach. The remaining banana-sized stomach area is then sutured or stapled closed. Since the patient’s stomach is smaller, food intake is sharply decreased, which causes weight loss. Also the amount of hormones that influence hunger is decreased, so the patient doesn’t feel the urge to eat as frequently. As a less risky alternative to gastric bypass surgery, the sleeve gastrectomy can be performed laparoscopically, allowing for quicker recovery time and minimal scarring. By making 3-4 tiny incisions, usually the size of a grain of rice, in the abdomen of the patient, the surgeon is able to insert a camera, along with various laparoscopic tools to cut, suture, and staple tissue. Unlike the gastric band which requires an implant and periodic adjustments and the gastric bypass which carries the risk of mal-nutrition, the sleeve gastrectomy is safe and doesn’t require implants. Prospective patients of sleeve gastrectomy surgery should be aware that this procedure is irreversible and will result in permanent change in eating habits and lifestyle.

Dr. Feiz is a board certified surgeon with years of experience performing bariatric surgery, including Lap-Band®, Realize Band®, gastric bypass, and sleeve gastrectomy procedures. His sincere investment in the health of his patients has garnered him the reputation of a trustworthy, caring surgeon. Call and schedule an appointment to see how Dr. Feiz can help you pave a path to a healthier, more enjoyable life.

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