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Sleeve Gastrectomy Long Beach


Many people are hesitant to get a gastric bypass or gastric band procedure because of the risk of mal-nutrition and need for periodic adjustments, respectively. If you have a BMI of 35 or more and experience extreme difficulty in losing excess weight, undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy in Long Beach may be the best way to get on the track towards a healthier, longer life. In a sleeve gastrectomy procedure, the stomach is made smaller by removing a large portion and leaving behind a stomach pouch that’s roughly the size of a banana. With a smaller stomach, the patient is no longer able to ingest as much food, and feels satiated for longer due to a drop in hunger hormones, which allows for rapid weight loss. The sleeve gastrectomy in Long Beach with Dr. Feiz is performed laparoscopically and as a result, there is essentially no scarring, as well as shortened patient recovery time and decreased risk for infection.

Dr. Feiz is a locally renowned bariatric surgeon, with countless successful sleeve gastrectomy and Lap-Band procedures performed under his hands. His dedication to the well-being and health of his patients is what allows for his compassionate approach to the sleeve gastrectomy in Long Beach, with each patient getting personally-tailored advice with regards to post-op diet and exercise. Please call today to schedule a thorough consultation regarding Dr. Feiz’s safe and effective sleeve gastrectomy in Long Beach. In many cases the results of a sleeve gastrectomy are even better than a gastric band procedure.

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